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Personalized Beer Flight Sampler Set

Personalized Beer Flight Sampler Set

A customizable beer-flight taster offers a conveniently stylish way to serve up samples of your most refined microbrews, house specialties or domestic favorites to all your guests-without the messy cleanup. Pour your samples into an exquisite quartet of handblown mini pilsner glasses, and transport them securely on a shapely wooden paddle featuring four perfectly cutout sections. Color(s): clear, clear-a, clear-b, clear-c, clear-d, clear-e, clear-f, clear-g, clear-h, clear-i, clear-j, clear-k, clear-l, clear-m, clear-n, clear-o, clear-p, clear-q, clear-r, clear-s, clear-t, clear-u, clear-v, clear-w, clear-x, clear-y, clear-z. Brand: CATHY'S CONCEPTS. Style Name: Personalized Beer Flight Sampler Set. Style Number: 905092.

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