Why Gifters?

Why Gifters? You mean the magical Genie wasn’t enough to convince you? You might be asking yourself “what can I do on Gifters.com that I can’t do anywhere else?” In short, nothing. There are plenty of sites out there that let you browse great products and purchase them, or share them, or create a wish list, blah, blah, blah. However, we don’t think anyone has found out a way to bundle all of these great services and offerings into one simple, fun package. That’s why we created Gifters.com. Our desire is to make it fun and simple for you to give and, hopefully, get the perfect gift. We do this by:

  • Giving you more great products to choose from. We have everything from hovercrafts to toilet paper…and yes, sometimes toilet paper can be the perfect gift.
  • We have the easiest and simplest method to create multiple wishlists so you can create and share lists for yourself or others. Create one wishlist or create 100. We don’t care. Just have fun and be sure to share these lists with your friends so they’ll know exactly what to give you.
  • We’ll also connect you to the Gifter Nation where you can quickly see what your Gifter friends have been adding to their wish lists. Think of it as a social dashboard to see what your friends are interested and what products they might be recommending to you as well.

All told, we think these great features make Gifters.com a retail experience like none other. We hope you’ll agree.

Gifters.com: Great gifters aren't born...they're made.